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Welcome to M&R Communications

Throughout our years in the Electronic Component industry, we have taken our expertise to focus on Replacement parts as our priority. Our Future Website will show that. We offer a short briefing of such below. If you are tired of long term delivery dates & then having it repeated over & over again, as well still not receiving parts, Give us a Call We can Help.

We Focus our Replacement parts on 4 Major Categories: * High Current, Power, Voltage Bridge / Rectifiers & products that encompasses that field.

Diodes, Modules, Relays, & Sensors. We can also build to Drawings / Specs & Engineers Ideas ! Including 12-1500 approved NSN parts by the USA Government, Mfg here in the USA With Pride & Dependability for the parts & deliveries that are quoted.

Replacements for Microsemi, Semtech, SSDI (Solid State Devices Inc ), Solitron, Semicon, Conditioning Semiconductors, HV Components & Associates + are available.

We Also build Replacements for the Wilmar / Tyco / TE Connectivity line of Relays ! All built here in the USA by a 100% ABVS rated by the DOD (Dept of Defense) Mfg. Factory Certs & Test Reports ( Pass / Fail, & Read Write Tests) available upon Request.

Discontinued Obsolete semiconductors (Op Amps, Regulators, Transistors +), . Using EOL Manufacturers wafer Die & Tooling, for manufacturers such as Motorola, Linear Technology, Texas Instruments, National + Using the same packaging & Test programs as the Original Manufacturer.

*Current, Difficult to find, Discontinued / Obsolete Capacitors from the Smallest to the Largest, with Special Attention to the Drive (AC, DC, Servo Drives+) Industrial & Mil markets. As well Glass & Polypropylene Capacitors


*FFF Semiconductors / ICís, EE Proms, 8x8's, X86 + type processors (Altera, Xilinx+) & Mil Memory Any & All semiconductors & Integrated Circuits would have probable support. Again All Above Are Built Here in the USA !!!

Every Product in the World is Only as Good as the Sum of its Parts.

We Help Finish Them, Call Us if you Need &/or Want Help. References for All Applications; Commercial, Industrial, Municipalities, Power Plants, Government Contractors, Military+ are available upon request. We have always supported the major manufacturers & still do, inquire with your specific Requests.

    Thank you for visiting us.

The M&R Communications Team


331-G Dantee Court
Holbrook, NY   11741-3800
Telephone 631-447-2003
Fax 631-447-2352
E-mail Mrcdi@mrcdi.com

For help viewing our site, please contact our webmaster or just call us at the above phone number.

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